Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Quite the unusual, but exciting, Planetary Annihilation match. Really goes to show how good zaphodx and the players over at The Realm are.

Pretty cool to watch him use bots so heavily. Awesome to listen to some of zaphodx’s internal dialogue and strategy.

Great use of terrain. Placing buildings up against cracks and mountains keeps them protected and out of the way.

It’s strange. It seems that some army players think they’re out of the game when their commander blows up and you can’t use your ally’s leftover base. You can see black’s player names were greyed out – which means at least on of their players left. If your commander gets blown up, stick around and use engineers! You can still help your teammates and even help win the game.

Lessons (spoilers)

At times, it’s about blitzing past defenses and sniping commanders. In other situations it’s all about ignoring defenses and units and destroying economy. When is it a good time to do that? That’s case by case.

Once again, it seems that the opponents focused too much on defenses and should have built more units. Yeah, a row of walls with T2 laser towers, pelters, and anti-air turrets can destroy a lot of units. But late game, it’s easy to build a lot of units and easily blast through even the most hardened defenses. Expand and build lots of units!

When scouting, look for dense metal spots. Likely your opponent(s) are where there’s lots of metal.

Walls, even wall spam, doesn’t mean jack if you don’t have turrets behind the walls.

Very nice usage of bots to blitz past defenses and snipe commanders.

Bots are excellent at circumventing defensive towers.