Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An exciting and action packed Planetary Annihilation free for all. Starts off with a *very* close spawn. In a FFA, close spawns really put players at a disadvantage in large FFAs. While those players are concentrating on each other and expending resources on fighting, other players are expanding.

Great commentary from wpmarshall. He did a good job explaining all of his in game decisions, though the audio was a little quet.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

FFAs are very tricky game types. You have multiple opponents to focus on, and if you’re doing too good, everyone will team up on you.

Don’t forget about naval! A couple of Bluebottles can devastate a shoreline. With a range of 220, Bluebottles can out range all land units. Allowing you to destroy an enemy’s shoreline without any losses. And if you gain control of an ocean, it’s incredibly difficult for an opponent to gain a toehold in the water. Also controlling the water gives you easy access to easily defended metal and energy.

Keep in mind, the Bluebottle, like the Leveler, can shoot farther than it can see. So scouting or radar is helpful in increasing Bluebottle’s effectiveness. Another tactic that would work, would be to put a Sun Fish or two in your navy. With a vision of 250, they can see farther than Bluebottles can see (200) or shoot (220), increasing their effectiveness. However, watch out for Pelters (range 250), Lobbers (range 600), and Catapults (range 600).

WPMarshall dis a great job, while partly forced, of having a very spread out base. Factories on all sides of your base is a very good thing.

Both Nuclear Missiles and Anti-Nukes have to be manually built, like units, after the launchers are built.

Always repair your commander.