Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent fast paced Planetary Annihilation match between The Realm & The French PA Community. Constant action, lots of explosions, lots of units – what’s more to like? First time seeing the French PA Community in action and they did very well – played very aggressively. Very close game.

Took a good long time for a commander kill.

Lessons (spoilers)

When playing large army matches like that, you have to dedicate roles. Someone has to focus on attacking, someone has to focus on expansion. It’s also good to have someone dedicated on air units. Coordinating is very important.

The Realm should have stepped up to T2 sooner.

Lots of very nice flanking and raiding from the French PA Community. They kept on attacking the same side over and over, but the Realm didn’t do much about it.

When expanding on your backside and your opponent’s backside, build factories! Really great for attacking your opponent’s backside and unguarded expansions and helps defend your backside.

Excellent aggression with The Realm’s commander and repairing it. It can tank so much damage while being repaired by fabricators.

Excellent use of T1 bombers to prevent the French PA Community from getting T2 bombers.

Interesting that no one went for Lobbers or Catapults. Wonder if it was an agreement not to use them.