Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

I have been looking forward to this Planetary Annihilation match. The Realm is a very good Planetary Annihilation clan, and I’ve wanted to see how they stack up against other clans.

Excellent coordination by the Realm. They’re definitely getting better at coordinating Army matches.

It’s a bummer Planetary Annihilation crashed before the game could finish.

Lessons (spoilers)

Coordination is key in Army matches – especially when there’s 4 & 5 commanders. Communicate, and have commanders on dedicated roles, like expansion, economy, defending the main front, or attacking the flanks.

Don’t focus entirely on one front. Ballistic Logistics was extremely hurt by leaving their backside open and focusing only on attacking the front lines. They lost map control, and large Realm forces were coming up on their economy. This also goes to show how important scouting is. Zaphodx scouted their base, discovered large amounts of unguarded economy, and took advantage of it.

Nice usage of bots by Ballistic Logistics to raid and push past the front lines to hit key structures, like the Catapult.