Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A nice back and forth Planetary Annihilation match. Both players are pretty evenly matched. They start off pretty close together so the action is constant.

Lessons (spoilers)

Keep your bots moving. They stay alive much longer when they’re moving, particularly when they’re in a strafing pattern.

In order to win, it’s critical that you constantly be on the offensive.

Mixed armies are more effective than single type armies. Mixing bots and vehicles are much more effective than just bots or just vehicles. Planetary Annihilation is great like that. Uber has done a good job of balancing everything so all units are valid at pretty much all stages of the game.

Don’t forget about anti-air. Anti-air can be easy and cheap and can keep you alive.

Flanking is a critical strategy – particularly when you only have T1 bots.