Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great close quarters Planetary Annihilation match from the experienced players from The Realm. Humorously, the two started out right next to each other and took 3 minutes to find each other. Lots of commander fighting, which is lots of fun.

I love the guys at The Realm – very skilled and very entertaining to watch.

Lessons (spoilers)

When your bases are really close together, pelters are great. Radar is also great, since you can keep an eye on your opponent’s base and attacks while keeping the (relatively) radars safe.

For close quarters, it’s also very easy to focus entirely on the front lines. Makes it easy

When starting out very close, commanders are very powerful and useful, but risky. Don’t forget to repair your commander when he gets damaged! He can repair himself very fast and efficiently.

irontony started out ahead, but clopse’s expansion set him ahead. But the pelter and T2 step up brought him back in.