Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A very exciting back and forth match, where The Realm members are overwhelmed.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Due to the small size of the planet, players should have gone for Vehicles instead of Bots. The only real reasoning for bots is due to the excellent micro and avoiding fire.

When attacking with Commanders during early matches, it is imperative you be careful so you don’t push too aggressively. If you do push aggressively, use Fabricators to repair the Commander to GREATLY increase its effectiveness. A group of several Commanders, especially with Fabricator support, is immensely powerful. White could have pushed with their Commanders, they could have won.

Don’t forget to repair your Commanders!

On small planets, Radar is very very helpful. The amount of coverage and intel they provide is very important.

White’s strategy was to get off planet. If they had gotten off planet, White could have quite possibly won the match.

When you are in a winning position, your priority is to protect your Commander. Losing because a small raid of bots that flank sucks.