Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent addition to the Ikon Gaming Planetary Annihilation tournament from mceldowney’s perspective. Unfortunately he got off to a rough start with a botched/bugged opening build queue which really set him back.

Lessons (spoilers)

The opening build queue is extremely important. It can really set you back if it’s messed up. Seems like mceldowney was hurt by some glitches.

Gotta keep up the pressure to win.

Don’t ever give up! It’s almost always possible to come back.

mceldowney probably shouldn’t have relied entirely on bots. Seems like mixed armies tend to work best. But it worked for him – so I can’t say too much.

zombiefan564 had a huge advantage at the start with the constant pressure. An advantage given to him largely by the botched early start by mceldowney. He should have done more scouting and hit more areas than that front. If zombiefan564 had scouted and attacked mceldowney’s unguarded metal fields, the match would have been over.

What allowed mceldowney to come back from that rough start was his massive economy. He had a bunch of fabricators expanding the entire time. Constant expansion wins the match! Always be expanding your economy and production value.

Nuke and anti-air defense! zombiefan564 could have won with a nuke or a bomber snipe. mceldowney should have had more anti-air and nuke defense around the commander.