Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent Planetary Annihilation match between some experienced players. Very well done early harassments from both sides. The action picked up very quickly and didn’t slow down at all. with lots of very risky commander action.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how these two players were able to focus on that non stop combat and still expand.

godde seemed to go for bot heavy raiding while gunshin went more for hard hitting tanks.

Slightly buggy gameplay – but that’s how Alpha goes. Hurt both sides.

Lessons (spoilers)

Both sides brilliantly used the commander to draw their opponent’s forces and then attack from an unprotected side.

Commanders can repair themselves! Always make sure your commander is repaired. Can save the match.

gunshin’s first step up to T2 gave him a huge advantage.

godde had a bunch of factories not repairing. Not sure if that was a strategic choice due to low economy, or a mistake. Be sure to have long build queues and check up on your factories from time to time.

If you’re under a lot of pressure, build turrets! With their recent buff, they’re very helpful for defense.

Great use of bombers for defense by godde. Sometimes he sent them in for slaughter without any gain, and sometimes they completely slaughtered.

Unfortunately the match was cut short but what was probably a mis click from gunshin, though godde seemed to have the upper hand.