Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent Planetary Annihilation match from the excellent players by The Realm. ZaphodX & Greppy taking on 4 at a time results in a very enjoyable challenge to watch. With their opponents having 4 commanders, they were able to expand their economy much much faster than ZaphodX and Greppy, control more map, and step up to T2 much faster and with more gusto.

Lessons (spoilers)

ZaphodX & Greppy pretty much had a mobile base. It was very impressively done. It didn’t matter that they lost large chunks of their base. They re-built their base elsewhere. I am extremely impressed with how long they lasted.

In army matches, you have a much bigger economy. So you can step up to T2 much sooner than in 1v1 matches. And since economies get much bigger and armies get much bigger, having a strong T2 presence is very important.

Use radar! It’s very helpful, yet often neglected.

Spread out your power throughout your base – especially T2 Power. So if you get attacked, or nuked, your entire power production isn’t completely gone.

Expansion is very important! They were nuked twice and were still in the game.

With how much their opponent was using Nukes, they should have put up anti-nukes around their Commanders and key structures – like T2 power.

Don’t forget anti-air! They didn’t have any anti-air. They could have been easily destroyed by a bunch of bombing runs.

Bombing runs are only successful with fighter escorts.