Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match from ZaphodX. Haven’t ever seen zGeneral play, but he did a great job. Made for a great Planetary Annihilation match. Lots of units and lots of explosions.

Lessons (spoilers)

Spread out your economical buildings (especially advanced energy) so if you get attacked it isn’t a huge deal if you lose them.

Defensive buildings, particularly laser defense towers and pelters are very helpful for close quarters matches. And don’t forget walls! Adding a single wall to your defensive tower is within Planetary Annihilation’s Gentleman’s rules and greatly increases their effectiveness.

Having an anti-air turret and laser defense turret at your outlying metal spots can help you from losing them to small raiding parties.

Very nice distraction moves. Constantly attacking multiple sides. Pulled his commander forward to attack on one side, so his opponent’s army went after it, while a huge attack formed up on the other side. Very nice move.

Building a factory at your expansions can be a great way to speed up expansions, set up proxy bases, attack your opponent from the back side, or defend your expansions. That’s the thing about Planetary Annihilation. You’re fighting on a sphere – it’s very different than other RTS games.

Late game scouting is very important. ZaphodX was being overwhelmed by a superior economy, but ie had no clue where his opponent’s metal extractors were. They were all un-guarded. If he had done some scouting he could have completely gotten rid of zGeneral’s unguarded metal. Look for large clumps of metal spots. It’s very likely your opponent has metal extractors there.