Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

For those of you who want a stronger economy focus than JudicatorOfGenocide‘s Spear Head strategy, this may be the Planetary Annihilation strategy for you.

Having a nice opening build is a good starting point. However, Planetary Annihilation isn’t math. 2+2 doesn’t always equal four. It’s very important to be able to adapt to whatever your opponents throw at you.

Still a little unsure about the very early storage though.

But once things going, JudicatorOfGenocide did a pretty good job of keeping a positive economy without maxing out storage for a good portion of the early match. However, the danger of such an economically precise build, you could be hurt if you lose a few power generators or metal extractors.

Really goes to show how helpful energy and metal storage can be. It’s also especially helpful late game. So if you have an excessively positive economy because you’re focused on fighting, you’re not wasting as much. Also, if you get attacked late game and lose large chunks of your economy, you have storage to keep things going while you rebuild your economy. However, like power, be sure to spread out your storage. You don’t want to lose all of your storage at once.