Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An excellent tutorial from JudicatorOfGenocide. Great for new players who don’t know where to begin, or for experienced players wanting to refine their strategy.

I find it most interesting how built storage before a factory and that he doesn’t go for fabricators before scampers. Since he had a slightly negative economy, it may be worth it to go with fabricators first. But I haven’t experimented with his strategy yet.

I really like how it allows the economy to be mostly automated and you can spend most of your time on microing the harassment. Even though he doesn’t have a “perfect” economy – the damage done by the constant harassment is a huge bonus.

The constant scouting is also an excellent component of his strategy. Most players forget about late game scouting, which is a big mistake.

I also really like his massive queues. It allows you to focus on combat, rather than economy.