Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A very excited finish to the Planetary Annihilation King of Alpha Tournament. Like other tournament finals, this match is first to two wins.

Lots of units, lots of explosions. Everything we want from a Planetary Annihilation match.

I have never seen Commanders get away with so little health.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Match 1

Scouting is extremely important in Planetary Annihilation. Knowing where your opponent is dictates game winning (or losing) decisions. This match provides a great example of one of the many reasons for early scouting. As ZaphodX said, if superouman expanded towards NepTuniO, he now has lots of resources invested in Metal Extractors that could easily be lost – and most likely will be lost. This means superouman would lose Metal Extractors while NepTuniO would still have metal extractors, giving NepTuniO a distinct economical advantage.

Fantastic start by superouman. Excellent Dox and Bumblebee harassment. Big early wins in the first few minutes like that can win the game. But on the other hand, if your opponent successfully defends your attack, you’re now behind in the economic expansion, which can cost you the match.

Match 2

Excellent Pelter use from both players.

Both players should have built Bluebottles in that small lake. Would have caused massive amounts of damage to bases.

Nice use of proxy bases.

Unfortunate simulation terminated, but the match had pretty much been decided.

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