Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

The second match in the Planetary Annihilation Invitational Tournament. Arguably the two best players currently in Planetary Annihilation, even though clopse has been away from the game for some time. Either way, exciting fight with some exciting commander fighting.

With the first match resulting in a draw, this match is a two for one.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers) – Match One

Excellent early raiding by clopse. Getting rid of early fabricators is very helpful.

Frequently players expand away from the enemy to keep their metal protected from the main assaults. While this is a good strategy, a nice counter strategy is to expand towards the enemy and build factories at your expansions so you can gain more map control and have units closer towards your opponent. Either way, having factories at your expansions is a solid strategy.

The commander is a very powerful unit. clopse uses his commander frequently to great effect. Make sure he’s supported with units and fabricators to repair.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers) – Match Two

Very aggressive match from Gunshin. Lots of excellent raiding. Early on raiding can really slow down the early match exponential growth. Even if you don’t cause much destruction, slight economical damage is very helpful in slowing early growth and stopping fabricators from building is also a big win.

Radars are very helpful for early warning. However, they do consume energy, so keep that in mind.

Don’t forget about storage! Building a few metal storage and energy storage can be very helpful. It keeps excess production from being as wasted and if you lose economy buildings you have more of a buffer to get back on track.

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