Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another excellent addition to the Planetary Annihilation Invitational Tournament. Two excellent players with constant action and lots of explosions. Very aggressive commander use for an exciting match.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Interesting technique by Neptunio for an all in Commander rush to disrupt Cola_Colin. If you do make such a move, it’s critical that you bring fabricators to repair your commander. Otherwise you’ll run into your opponent with fabricators repairing his commander. Unfortunately, the early economy delay may not have done enough damage for such a technique to be worth it. It certainly did give him a lot of units – which he needed to use. It did force Cola_Colin to invest lots of build power in turrets which slowed his expansion, though that then posed a challenge for NepTuniO.

When your opponent has a large amount of turrets, T1 blobs, be they ants or doxes, cannot very efficiently break through hardened defenses. You have to step up to T2 or use artillery. Levelers, Shellers, Stompers, and Slammers. Levelers, Shellers, and Stompers can stay at range and destroy defenses without losses. But Slammers can blitz in close and negate walls. Levelers and Shellers can make very quick work of a defensive line and a base. A pelter line, while slow, can take out opposing defensive lines without losses, provided you can keep them defended.

When you are using Levelers, have radar coverage since levelers can shoot farther than they can see.

Neptunio should have attacked sides other than the main front. Keep up the pressure on the main front, but send in a few levelers or something on different sides, keep your opponent scrambling and reacting. When you do have the advantage, you HAVE to keep up the pressure. You cannot give him any time to breathe or recover.

Nice job by Cola_Colin by sending his T2 production to counter attack along the backside of Neptunio’s base. Unfortunately such a ballsy move cost him the match.

Don’t forget to repair your commander! Commanders can repair themselves and other fabricators can repair the commander as well.

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