Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Fantastic Planetary Annihilation match for the Planetary Annihilation Invitational Tournament. Constant action with constant aggression from both players resulting in a very exciting match. More aggressive use of commanders, which seems to be a common trend of experienced players. Lots of Leveler action for some incredible fights with intermixed base lines.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Lots of excellent raiding from both sides.

This match is another example of the power of Levelers. A group of levelers hitting even partially defended lines can do incredible amounts of damage. Radar coverage gives Levelers a range bonus since they can shoot farther than they can see. This will really give you a home court advantage. Or if your bases or close, or if you can get a proxy base set up, an Advanced Radar next to your opponent’s base, can be a big advantage. If you do have a proxy base set up or a forward radar, be sure to have ground and air turrets in front of the radar with walls to keep the radar alive.

A two pronged attack of levelers can inflict ridiculous amounts of damage to your opponent’s base. Levelers’ range and damage is difficult to counter.

Godde went T2 first, which gave him an advantage and allowed him to stay alive for a while, but Gunshin out produced him with T2, winning the match.

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