Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another ranked Planetary Annihilation match. The video is a little bit choppy, but still watchable. I enjoy his after action reports though – essentially like a commentated match. You get to see how both players are doing – but unfortunately you get a spoiler and see who wins.

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

You know the term, the best defense is a good offense? That term very much applies to Planetary Annihilation. If you keep up the offensive pushes and keep attacking on multiple sides, you keep dealing destruction and keep your opponent reacting rather than attacking your buildings and hurting your economy and production value. This also generally gives you more freedom to expand without being raided.

The match shows how helpful getting Advanced units on the field first.

Sometimes I forget how powerful the Lobber is. It’s terrible against moving units, but is very good against blobs of units due to it’s impressive splash damage and great against buildings due to its massive range (600) and massive damage.

I really like how JudicatorOfGenocide adds Shellers to his blobs. Shellers have a range of 160, which is the greatest of any land unit. Levelers only have a range of 120 while Ants have a range of 100. Their high damage is very very effective against buildings and defensive lines and does a pretty good job of massively damaging unit blobs.