Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An exciting and action packed Planetary Annihilation match with The Realm. Large FFA on a good sized planet.

Some unfortunate pathing bugs caused problems for ZaphodX.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

In large FFAs, meta gaming is extremely important. As I talk about, you don’t want to fight multiple players at one time. Often it’s better to not fight anyone and let other players damage each other while you build up units and get secure. However, if you manage to destroy an opponent, you gain their metal spots and map control, which can give you great advantage. However, if you don’t succeed at destroying your first opponent at the beginning of the match, then you can be majorly set back or destroyed.

Use terrain to your advantage. All planets types have terrain features that will block movement, some moreso than others. Use that to your advantage. If units must filter through a certain area, then build turrets there.

Having anti-air is incredibly important. I always prefer to have at least one air factory building Hummingbirds (fighters) the entire match. They’re useful for warding off enemy scouts and bombers, as well as late game scouting.

Don’t forget to scout late game! It keeps you informed on which opponents are weak, or where they’re weaker.

Attacking from two places at once is a huge help. Makes your opponent scramble to ward off your first attack, making your second attack catch them completely off guard. Using fast moving bots to flank around the back to draw the opponent’s army, and then pushing through the front or a different side with vehicles can cause lots of damage.

Using a nuke to hit your opponent’s defensive line and then pushing through destroyed defensive line can be really effective.

Brilliant move by burntcustard (white) to use a nuke to destroy the army.