Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Planetary Annihilation’s Army game type is awesome. The amount of action, strategy, and explosions, that come from these large scale matches are exciting and lots of fun. This Planetary Annihilation match is no exception.


Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Once again, we see the importance of controlling lakes near your base. Bluebottles can destroy large amounts of an opponent’s base.

Here, we also see the (broken) strength of Commander’s in the water. They’re impervious to ship fire. The best way to counter is to build Torpedo Launchers. Unfortunately for black, they could have skirted around the Commander to the north and caused a lot of damage to orange’s base. Black really should have pushed harder for naval. And like WPMarshall said, advanced navy would have shredded orange’s base. Although Stingrays would have been the better choice.

In Planetary Annihilation’s Army matches, stepping up to Advanced can be done much much quicker due to how fast players can expand. So be sure to kick it up to Advanced quickly. The economical and offensive benefits to advanced are simply game changing. Especially if you build Advanced first.

Destroying economy buildings is much more important than destroying factories. It’s easier to rebuild factories when you have a strong economy than it is to recover from losing economical buildings.

Artillery units, like Shellers and Stompers, are very very strong against buildings and defensive structures.

Commanders are the most efficient fabrication units in the game. Always have them building – even if it is assisting a factory. In fact, having a Commander assisting an Advanced Factory is a very effective way of pumping out lots of advanced units.

Orange won due to it’s greater map control, and subsequent, stronger economy.