Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

I love Army Planetary Annihilation matches, and this 5v5 is no exception. With 5 commanders, nearly all normal strategies are thrown out the window. T2 bombers a minute or two – lots of commanders fighting… Pure insanity. Commanders were running around in enemy bases like they owned them. SO many commander explosions…

A very close, tooth and nail fight. Both sides could have won at several points.

Lessons (spoilers)

It’s really difficult to learn from this match since it’s so different than other Planetary ANnihilation matches.

Commanders are extremely powerful, especially early game.

Coordinating with five commanders is difficult. Lots of communication is necessary to keep your economy balanced.

Expertly microing a small army can take out a much larger army. Keep levelers at range! If enemy Ants can’t get in range of your Levelers, you can’t lose.

Due to their slow speed, Hornets can be easily shot down by anti air, Ants, Hummingbirds, and more. Don’t leave them undefended or un-scouted. Their large turn radius makes multiple passes very difficult.

If your opponent has a base on the other side of a canyon, build pelters. They can take out the other side of the canyon, giving you control of their base without having to mount an attack.