Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Another great Planetary Annihilation match from The Realm. Thekiller666 is playing with a mod pack that changest strategic icons, building animation, and more. Was a little weird.

As the game progressed, thekiller666 had to fend off two players from all sides in a very brilliant fashion. It’s difficult to be offensive when you’re being constantly attacked from all sides.

The meta game of FFAs is amusing. Whoever is doing the best is the target of everyone.

Lessons (spoilers)

Interestingly, thekiller666 didn’t have any anti-nuke defense. If nanolathe or burntcustard had built a single nuke launcher it would have been game over for thekiller666.

thekiller666 used a lot of defensive towers, as he definitely needed to. However, he didn’t use a single wall. Greatly lowering the effectiveness of his towers. thekiller666 also didn’t have many T2 units which really hurt him as the game progressed.

Pretty crazy how much damage a small group of levelers can do. Their slow speed is about their only disadvantage.

If you bring in bombers to fend off an attack, it’s often a good idea to bring in fighters to cover the bombers. Also, if someone brings in bombers to counter your attack, bring in some fighters to fend them off.

A few bombers can easily take out a Lobber or Pelter.

Always build nuclear defense.