Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An intense Planetary Annihilation free for all with The Realm. Constant action on all sides. Everyone is attacking everyone with lots of units and explosions. What’s not to like?

Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

ZaphodX was in a very touch position, spawning right in the middle of three players. Nowhere to expand to and having to fight everyone.

When an opponent dies in a multi player match, move in and take the now free metal spots.

Nice job by duhreaper to put in that pelter on the edge of the lake. Invading an enemy occupied lake is difficult. However, Bluebottles have a range of 220 and Pelters have a range of 250. So pelters are pretty good at taking out slow moving naval units.

Bluebottles cannot shoot down Bombers. So use them

Energy Plants put out 600 energy per second, while Advanced Energy Plants put out 5,000 energy per second and have lots more health, making T2 energy a very important structure.

Commanders can build Sea Metal Extractors. So use commanders to take metal points in the water when you don’t want to or need to build a Naval Factory.

Xefor kept on stringing out his forces and let them get taken out in a line. He also focused on two opponents at once, which isn’t the greatest idea. He also forgot to expand and take metal extractors.

Don’t forget Anti-Nuke Launchers! Two Nuclear Missiles can kill a Commander in an instant. Protecting the Commander from nukes is a necessity the longer the match goes on.