Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

WPMarshall explores The Realm’s Planetary Annihilation Balance Mod. This mod drastically changes the balance of units in Planetary Annihilation. It’s a work in progress, and needs more balance work, but is still tons of fun.

In my opinion, The Realm Balance mod is balanced better than Planetary Annihilation live or PTE.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

If you stop constructing a building and don’t restart the construction, it will degrade and disappear. So all that metal investment will be wasted.

Staying positive in energy is more important than staying positive in metal. Energy is used to power radar, which provides invaluable intel. And power is used in an ammo system used by a lot of units.

If you’re struggling to have positive metal, try reclaiming wrecks. They provide metal when reclaimed and can make a negative economy positive.

Never stop expanding! Pay attention to when people around you die, so you can claim their map control.

Never stop scouting. Scouting is the best thing any player can do. It allows you to find weaknesses, find available metal spots, figure out what your opponent is doing so you can counter it.