Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

matizpl is a skilled Supreme Commander player and is new to Planetary Annihilation. matizpul did a great job for being new to Planetary Annihilation.

PA Stats Match Overview

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

ZaphodX went for a very aggressive early build, and then didn’t take advantage of it.

Keep an eye on the edges of your map out of the corner of your eye. I noticed attacks and things happening before ZaphodX did. Also, pay close attention to your notifications.

Bots are excellent raiders. Send them in and destroy some economy – and then when your opponent’s army moves in to counter the attack, pull back your bots and send them in a different direction.

Don’t build your nuke launcher in the middle of the dense part of your base. Build it away from other buildings, but still in the heart of your base – if you follow me. That way, if your opponent nukes you, they have to choose between destroying your nuke launcher and destroying a large chunk of your base. Don’t make it easy for your opponent and let him destroy your nuke launcher, most of your power, your advanced factories, and more factories all with one nuke.

Based on the PA Stats, matizpl had more units. And since matizpl was putting in very good work raiding the back side, he probably would have won that match if he hadn’t of sent his commander out in to the middle of nowhere or if ZaphodX didn’t like Commander rushes so much. Would have loved to see that match play out if matizpl had kept his Commander in the middle of his base.