Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A nice Planetary Annihilation match with the army game type. ZaphodX is back from his hiatus due to his move, so he’s a little rusty and behind the times.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

On team games, spawning separately is critical for obtaining fast map control. When you do spawn separately, expand towards each other.

Air is very powerful in the current Planetary Annihilation build. Don’t neglect anti-air defenses! Bumblebee snipes are very powerful.

Early radar is very helpful for spotting incoming attacks. They’re also very helpful at expansions and near enemy bases. Build them! They’re real cheap.

When your storage fills up, the extra economy is wasted. Use it or lose it!

The meta game of multi player/team matches is important. Be careful to not over extend yourself and get teamed up on by multiple enemies.

Similarly, if you see opponents fighting against each other, its often good to leave them alone and let them duke it out. When they’re weak, then strike.

Keep your Commander in the middle of your base surrounded by anti-air to protect against bomber snipes, and surprise flanking attacks.