Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

An absolutely insane challenge from ZaphodX – 2 vs 8.

ZaphodX and Giggle have the advantage of shared economies and voice comms… but still, it’s quite the match.

Having a shared economy is an incredible help. There’s no way this would have been possible if the 8 had shared economies.

I really don’t like how ZaphodX has those custom strategic icons though.

An unfortunate annoying orbital pathfinding bug… But quite possibly saved their life.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Getting to other planets is very critical. Getting control of an unclaimed planet is easy. Invading a claimed planet is difficult.

Fighters still are the kings of the sky. Build lots of them – especially advanced fighters.

Getting groups of 5 to 10 Air Fabricators is an excellent way to claim metal extractors all over the planet. Especially if they have fighters following them around.

Notice how ZaphodX uses hotkeys? USE THEM! They’re incredibly helpful for increasing your APM (actions per minute). Check out the Hotbuild2 mod for increasing your gameplay efficiency.

Build Anchors! Anchors are crazy powerful and are paramount to protecting the orbital layer.

When defending, a group of 10+ fabricators building defensive structures is pretty much better than having a bunch of units defending.

Pay attention to your notifications. It’ll save your life.

If you lose your base, do your best to save some fabricators. Can make some recovery and cause problems rather than completely concede a planet.

Positive economy is wasted economy. Use it or lose it!