Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Some nice Planetary Annihilation 1v1s with WPMarshall. The discussion between WPMarshall and sirbarneyparker offers some excellent insight into the new patch.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Trees are reclaimable. So if you’re hurting for metal, reclaiming a forest can be very helpful to keeping on track. But, if your metal storage is full, reclaiming trees just wastes metal.

Fireflies and Skitters no longer have weapons on them.

Combat fabbers are very fast builders, but use up a ton of energy.

Always keep your Commander building, even if it is only assisting a factory.

Always build lots of radar all over the planet, they’re extremely cheap buildings and the intel they provide way worth the investment. Especially when you discover your opponent, build a forward radar towards your enemy so you can see what he/she is up to. You can keep an eye on the expansion, when armies head out, etc.

Planetary Annihilation’s new forest fires certainly look awesome…

If you don’t need metal, or need a building built quickly, then don’t construct buildings in the middle of a forest.

Don’t forget about the Uber Cannon! sirbarneyparker could have fended off that first attack force if he used his Uber cannon properly.

It’s possible to obtain a crap ton of units in a short amount of time with a bunch of combat fabricators.

Never stop expanding.