Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A very nice collection of Planetary Annihilation matches in the New Build Planetary Annihilation tournament.

The new build completely changes how Planetary Annihilation is played.

The third Planetary Annihilation match is actually the best of ’em all.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Proxy bases are amazing to have. The ability to flank, expand, and defend

The new Flak Towers are great for taking out aircraft, especially blobs of aircraft.

Don’t ever neglect air. Always always build fighters.

Match 2

The new build reduces the cost of going orbital making it a very good investment.

Don’t over extend your Commander. Always have units and fabricators to support.

The combat fabricators are great for supporting Commander rushes.

Match 3

Choosing a spawn point is more than just finding a spawn point with the most metal. Players must also choose spawn points with lots of metal spots nearby.

The new build provides us a lot of new units to play with.

The biggest advantage of stepping up to advanced is getting the advanced economy buildings.

Early bombers are great for taking out enemy fabricator expansions.

Never neglect air. Losing air superiority opens the door for your opponent to bomb you to death.

The new build lowers the cost of advanced units making them a lot more useful.

Raiding is very important. Keeps your opponent retreating to your attacks.

Always always repair your Commander.

If your base is next to a lake, always claim that lake with naval. If your opponent is next to a lake, claim it and you can destroy it without any losses.