Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Some very nice multi-planet Planetary Annihilation gameplay.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Combat fabbers build ridiculously fast. They are simply a huge bonus to build power.

If you’re playing a multi-planet spawn and you outnumber your opponent on your planet, comm rush him. Early game there’s nothing a lone Commander can do against two attacking Commanders. Especially if you bring along support units and combat fabricators.

It is pretty much always better to go after economy buildings. If you cut down your opponent’s economy, then they can’t easily recover. If you destroy your opponent’s build power, they still have an economy and can fairly easily recover. If you try and destroy your opponent’s commander and fail, it mostly doesn’t matter. Economy is the life blood of your army. Destroy the economy, and your army will wither and die.

Multi planet management is difficult, but very rewarding.

Having a teleporter network is excellent for sending units where they are needed, especially for multi planet gameplay.

If you’re hurting for energy, shut off your Teleporter(s).

Being the first to another planet gives you a huge advantage. It’s much harder to invade a planet than to claim an empty planet.

Communication is imperative for team gameplay in Planetary Annihilation.

Factories can have build queues go straight through teleporters now.

Combat fabricators are OP. Use them.

On multi planet gameplay, don’t forget about interplanetary nukes. They’re excellent for destroying your opponents, and you need to defend against them. Especially if you have a planet dedicated to generating eco.