Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

A nice Planetary Annihilation 4 way FFA with the guys from The Realm testing out the new PTE build.

Uber Entertainment is currently experimenting with some very drastic changes to Planetary Annihilation. Several units have been completely repurposed, some have been removed, and there’s even some new units!

I highly recommend getting involved with the PTE testing. There’s some fun changes coming!

Noticeable Planetary Annihilation Balance Changes in the PTE Build

  • T1 AA bot removed from game.
  • T2 Tactical Missile Bot Added to the game.
  • T2 Bomber is now a slow flying, hovering, Tactical Missile plane that can out-range defenses.
  • Tactical Missile Launcher fires faster, requires not energy and shortened range.
  • T2 Sniper Bot can now shoot down Tactical Missiles.
  • T2 Tanks have very slow turning turrets, but much more health and damage.
  • T1 Assault Bots run much faster.
  • T1 Bomb Bots run much faster.
  • T2 Fighter removed from game.
  • T1 Fighter improved.
  • T1 Bomber carpet bombs.

Learn more about the changes to Planetary Annihilation on the PTE (Playtest Environment) from this Uber playtest.