Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

In this Planetary Annihilation match, ZaphodX plays surprisingly defensive. He normally plays pretty aggressive.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Choke points are great for directing enemy unit flow, forcing them into your defensive structures. Use choke points to your advantage. However, be careful of cracks. They can make great choke points, but can backfire if your opponent’s build Pelters on the other side of cracks.

Metal Extractors currently cost 300 metal and produce 7 metal per second. That means if you can build a metal extractor and keep it alive for more than 43 seconds, then it was worth the investment.

Don’t clump up your base too much. That’s something that ZaphodX likes to do and it makes him very vulnerable to nukes. And if part of his base gets overrun, it’s almost impossible for him to recover.

Build Anti-Nuke launchers. Especially if you’re in a multi team match and can’t keep tabs on all of your opponents. What’s more, especially if you

Storage is an easily overlooked structure, and is often frowned upon. But it’s actually a very helpful structure since we can’t perfectly manage our economies. Energy Storage in particular is an especially helpful structure as bombers and defensive structures rely on energy to fire. So having spare energy to fuel defensive structures, bombers, radar and the like during a time of need can save your butt.

Don’t forget to use the area patrol for your fighters. Great way to intercept incoming bombers.