Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Metabolical commentated a match with Posidian exploring the new PTE build and the many changes that come along with it.

In this post I’m gonna provide some of my thoughts and feedback on the PTE changes.

Check out the more detailed and objective overview of the list that is lacking my personal opinions.

My Thoughts on the PTE Build

Bomb bots are now very powerful. With how cheap and fast they are, they likely are about to become the best way to destroy your opponent’s outlying metal extractors. What, 45 metal to destroy a metal extractor, with a speed of 40? Going to be very difficult to counter. And as I’ve seen in another match, their insane speed and low cost makes them incredible for destroying a base. They’re definitely better now, I’m concerned they may be too good. We’ll see how the meta game develops. In large quantities, they’re also pretty good against commanders with their speed and damage. With their speed and low cost, they may even turn into commander snipe units. But at the same time, bomb bots are very weak against units. A group of units can very easily destroy more bomb bots metal worth than units are lost, metal worth. Going bomb bots only certainly doesn’t work.

Doxes are now more useful than they used to be since they’re so fast. We’ll see if they’re useful enough now.

Slammers are now amphibious! They can run underwater and shoot torpedoes. That’s interesting.

Uber made changes to Advanced to make it more “achievable” and “viable.” I still think it’s too expensive to be very achievable or useful.

I’m also not sure how I feel about the Hornet. Having a moving catapult that can outrange all air based defenses? Get tons of Hummingbirds and just snipe the enemy base to death. That’s my concern, we’ll see if it actually happens.

The Peregrine is gone and the Hummingbird has been given a buff. I am a huge fan of this. The Hummingbird is the king of the skies and also has enough health to withstand several shots, making air battles longer and more interesting.

The Catapult now has less range, higher rate of fire, and doesn’t use the ammo system. I find this weird since it has less range than the Holkins. When have you heard of an artillery piece out ranging a tactical missile?

The Stinger (T1 anti-air bot) has been removed, and I’m not sure how I feel about that as well. I think it’ll result in going bots first always loses to someone who goes air first. That is really bad.

Shellers are now very very powerful. Way too powerful. They can easily shred incoming armies. They’re like Pelters back during early beta. Get to a critical mass and no ground armies can get close to them. They’re also cheaper and better than Pelters, and they can move. That’s just… bad.

Pathing on metal planets is still extremely broken. Units get stuck all the time.

The Bumblebee is now a lot more powerful, too powerful in my opinion. Since it can destroy multiple fabbers in one pass, and withstand more anti-air fire, that makes them extremely powerful during the early game. Use one bomber to destroy several fabbers during the opening 5 minutes? Game over. Bumblebees should get a damage nerf so they don’t kill fabbers in one shot, or fabbers get a health boost so it takes too passes to kill the fabber.

Looks like area patrol is still broken on the PTE.

Metabolical talked about Uber’s reasoning to not have shields. In SupCom, everything revolved around shields. Put all of your economy underneath your shields, and pour all of your economy into destroying your enemy’s shields. Break the shields, and then destroy the economy. And hope you don’t waste all of your units almost breaking the shields, because they’ll recharge and you might as well have self destructed your units.

Players really undervalue the help that deepsapce orbital radars provide. Use them people!

Geeze Anchors are powerful.

I think there are many steps forward with the PTE build, and several steps back. There are also several areas that need improvement that the PTE build has not addressed yet. But at the same time, this is a work in progress and lots of stuff hasn’t been addressed as of yet. So hopefully it’s stuff that simply hasn’t come yet.