Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Some very intense and competitive gameplay between some of the top Planetary Annihilation players. Very well worth the watch.

Scroll down with caution. You’ll encounter spoilers if you scroll to far too fast.

Round 1

Single planet system on a size 400 moon.

Super Godde Bros vs Special Tactic

Starts at 31 minutes of the first video

Giggle and Godde in the yellow of Super Godde Bros vs WPMarshall and superouman in the purple of Special Tactic. Unfortunately the lowest seed players faced off against some of the top seed players in this match.

PA God and The Alliance

Starts at 15 minutes of the second video

Matiz and Clopse in the red of PA Gods vs NepTuniO and Pt4h in the blue of The Alliance. Despite a disconnect, a very intense and level Planetary Annihilation match.

Team Pink vs Team Quickstrike

Starts at 49 minutes

Gunshin and Cola_Colin in the pink of Team Pink vs burntcustard and Martenus in the orange of Team Quickstrike. A very exciting match with lots of Commander action making for a very surprising match.

Round 2

The stakes have been raised! It’s do or die to get into the final round!

This system has two planets making for more complex and intense gameplay.

Hyperion vs PA Gods

Starts at 1 hour and 17 minutes

Brianpurkiss and Mered4 in the red of Hyperion vs Matiz and Clopse in the blue of PA Gods. A fairly unbalanced match as far as rankings go, that unfortunately the winner was determined due to a pathing bug.

Super Godde Bros vs Team Pink

Starts at 1 hour and 44 minutes

Cola_Colin and Gunshin in the pink of Team Pink vs Godde and Giggle in the white of Super Godde Bros. Yet another intense Planetary Annihilation match – but we wouldn’t expect anything less from some of the most skilled Planetary Annihilaiton players.


It’s do or die. Winner gets the custom commander.

With this final system, it’s a three planet system with one moveable planet. Multi planet spawns throw in a wrench of the standard gameplay that we’re used to making for some unique and new action.

PA Gods vs Super Godde Bros

Starts at 2 hours and 5 minutes

Giggle and Godde in the black of Super Godde Bros vs Matiz and Clopse in the blue of PA Gods. This final match is action packed and the most exciting of all the previous matches.

Graphics Card Showdown

We’re not done yet! All players that made it through the first round have an opportunity to win a graphics card in a 2v2v2v2.

Super Godde Bros vs Team Pink vs Hyperion vs Uber

Starts at 2 hours and 40 minute

This final match is an intense free for all in a fight to the death for a graphics card. This final match has the most action of all the matches. Lots of combat and tons of nukes.