Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

Now that we have access to Server mods, we can mod the game!

The Realm is finally working on their Planetary Annihilation Balance Mod! The purpose of this balance mod is to make T1 units be very valid, and T2 units to be specialized units, rather than massive direct upgrades.

Go participate with the mod!

Changes with This Balance Mod

All units have had their health doubled, except the Commander.

You can go factory first. I have been wanting this for quite some time as it speeds up gameplay and removed that boring waiting for the first energy plants and metal extractors.

Skitters have weapons again, and they can fire at anti-air. But they’re really weak.

Grenadiers have a lot of difficulty hitting moving units due to their slow rate of fire and high projectile arc. Their range is increased, and their accuracy is reduced.

The Uber Cannon will be able to destroy all T1 units with one shot, but they have a large energy cost.

Doxes are useful again!

The Infernos are pretty darn fast and have more health.

The Vanguard has a machine gun!

Commanders had their build power doubled, and energy consumption reduced a little. So they are ridiculously good at building things.

The overall costs of T2 has been reduced, making it easier to build, but not as much of a game ending win element.

Orbital has not been adjusted as of yet.

Factories cost a lot less, making it easier to get lots of build power and massive armies.

The increased health makes engagements last longer and seem to be more fun.