Planetary Annihilation Gameplay Summary:

ZaphodX returns from a break to Planetary Annihilation, due to a move. Now he’s back with his usual large FFA pub stomps.

Dynamic Alliances introduces an entirely new meta game to Planetary Annihilation. One of trust, cooporation, and backstabbing. Some Dynamic Alliance games allows the teams to win, some only allow one player two win, resulting in inevitable backstabbing. The key is to trust and rely upon your allies, but not so much that they can usurp your power and control.

Planetary Annihilation Lessons, Tips, and Tricks (spoilers)

Early radar provides invaluable intel. Seriously. They’re so cheap and low maintenance, there’s no reason to not spam these suckers out.

Don’t forget storage! Storage is an underrated building and can save your butt if you mismanage your economy, or get attacked and lose some economy buildings.

In the current build, Bumblebees are quite powerful thanks to their carpet bombing. They can cause a lot of damage to an enemy unit blob.

Positive economy is wasted economy. Use it or lose it!

As soon as you destroy an enemy, move in and claim their map control. Never stop expanding!

In dynamic Alliances, keep an eye on your opponents. They could camp a bunch of vanguards in your base or next to your commander, and then break the alliance.

There’s also the meta game of using your allies as meat shields so they take the hit, and you remain the top player amongst your alliance.

Always keep an eye on your economy bars. Even the strongest player can suddenly get overcome by an enemy who manages their economy correctly.