Planetary Annihilation is a real time strategy (RTS) game from Uber Entertainment that brings an entirely new dynamic into the genre. Take large scale combat to the stars and wage war across an entire galaxy. Planetary Annihilation pushes combat scale to a level never before achieved in an RTS game.

Combat takes place on an entire planet’s surface by land, sea, air, or orbital. When the fighting gets too intense for one planet, hop into a rocket and spread to a new planet and continue to expand and unleash all hell. Opponent’s base too well defended? Strap rockets to an astroid and slam it into the planet.

Uber Entertainment has added many genre changing features to Planetary Annihilation, such as multi-planet combat, Chrono Cam, Galactic War, and more. In the Galactic War game mode, wage war across an entire galaxy fighting multiple factions of real players or computer controlled factions. With the Chrono Cam, rewind an ongoing match and investigate events that you may have missed, then fast forward and continue the battle. With multi-planet combat, have multiple battles against multiple enemies raging on several planets across an entire universe.


Uber Entertainment is encouraging fellow game developers to create mods for Planetary Annihilation by developing the game for easy modification, providing modding resources, and providing an official Planetary Annihilation Mod Store. Mod Developers will be able to create, distribute, and sell their mods with ease.

Like the heavily modded Minecraft or Skyrim, such a dynamic is expected to take Planetary Annihilation to even further heights and allowing for incredible amounts of gameplay diversity.

Planetary Annihilation on Kickstarter


Planetary Annihilation was funded through Kickstarter. With a final pledge total of $2,229,344 from 44,162 backers, Planetary Annihilation set the record for the largest crowdfunded project, which has since been broken.

Uber Entertainment has done a fantastic job at having a very transparent and feedback oriented development process. Uber employees had frequent Livestreams throughout the development process and engaged in lots of discussion with members of the Planetary Annihilation community through the official Planetary Annihilation forums and on the Planetary Annihilation Sub-Reddit.

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