Help Me Keep PA Matches Running

If I may be so bold as to say, PA Matches has been a big help for the Planetary Annihilation Community. With that being the case, I’ve put a decent financial investment as well as massive time sink into Planetary Annihilation. And I’m not even done. I have a lot of new features I want to add to PA as well as finish a good looking redesign that will improve the ease of browsing.

Donations will help me keep the website running and allow me to continue to make the site better and larger. However, I don’t want to take donations for naught. I’m not a non-profit charity.

A little bit of background. I’m just one guy (Brian Purkiss, you may have seen me on the forums or on reddit) developing and running this site. I enjoy Planetary Annihilation and cannot wait to see where this game goes. I’m a web designer and developer full time, working for myself. My partial portfolio can be seen here.

I’ve sunk a lot of time and money into this website, and want to keep the site going as well as improve it. To do that, I would like your help

Rewards for Donating:

$5 – Play a match against you and then critique your gameplay
$10 – Coach for 1hr or Cast a match
Donators will also get priority access to the Teamspeak servers if I get them up and going
If you donate more, then we can come up with something additional. More time casting or coaching or something.

Planned Site Expansions

I have lots of additions planned for PA Matches, most of which I don’t have time to work on as much as I would like. So I’m just slowly adding them bit by bit as well as adding more matches, casting, and adding to the wiki.

Here’s a sampling of what I want to add

  • New and improved site design – I have most of it designed but I need to finish the design and code it
  • Public Teamspeak server – between $7 and $22 a month depending on how many slots we can get going
  • Servers when the game launches
  • Custom ladder, depending on the results of the official Uber ladder, so maybe, maybe not
  • And more really cool stuff, much of which I don’t want to divulge just quite yet and some of which has to wait for Planetary Annihilation to be developed further
  • Plug and play clan websites with a bunch of features
    • Forums
    • Member logins
    • Custom pages
    • Custom domain
    • Clan video archives
    • Integration with PA Matches
    • and more

I really hope you all have enjoyed what I’ve done so far with PA Matches and I hope you’re also enjoying what Uber has done with Planetary Annihilation. This game certainly will go far and I want to contribute to the game and the community as much as possible, and I need your help to do so.

If you want to contribute, donate through PayPal using the button below and I’ll email you to work out the casting or coaching.

Donate through PayPal

Donate through BitCoin

If you donate through BitCoin, you’ll need to contact me the contact form.