Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream, publish, and monetize videos of Uber Entertainment’s games?

Yes! (Source)

Can my Computer Run Planetary Annihilation?

Check out this article on the Steam Discussion for a rather detailed overview of what is required to run Planetary Annihilation.

Does Planetary Annihilation have Offline Play?

Yes, Planetary Annihilation does support offline and LAN play.

How big can planets be?

Planets can be quite big. Check out this or this thread. It is mostly limited by your computer’s power.

How do I convert my copy of Planetary Annihilation to a Steam Key?

If you purchased Planetary Annihilation on the Uber Store or received a copy, go to My Keys and select your game key. Once the key is activated, you will be presented with an option to convert it to a Steam code. You can then enter this code into your Steam client as a “Activate a product on Steam.”

You won’t be able to re-convert your code back into a key. However, because your key is attached to your UberNet account, you’ll be able to play both via the Launcher and Steam.

How do I convert my game key into a Steam code?

Go to ‘My Keys‘ on your Uber Entertainment account and select your game key. Once you activate the key, a window will appear asking if you’d like to convert it to a Steam code. You can then enter this code into your Steam client as a “Activate a product on Steam.”

How do I instal Planetary Annihilation mods?

How do I link my Steam account to my UberNet account?

Log into your UberNet account and visit the Linked Steam Account page and enter in your Steam information. Remember to make sure you’re visiting the official Uber Entertainment website and don’t give your information to anyone.

How do I Transfer my Galactic War Progress from Computer to Computer?

To transfer Galactic War progress from one computer to another, copy this directory:

  • For Windows:
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Uber Entertainment\Planetary Annihilation\localstore\
  • For Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/localstore/
  • For Linux:
    ~/.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/localstore/

How do I use the Halley to smash planets?

How does the Economy work and what is a “Streaming Economy?”

Check out this page to learn more about Planetary Annihilation’s economy.

How many players will be supported?

Once again, we don’t know exactly. At the very least, there will be 40 players in a match. That being said, player counts will mostly be a server limitations. So the best answer possible is, “how big of a server do you have?” (source)

How much bandwidth will online play use?

Naturally, larger and longer games will use more bandwidth. Right now a 6 man 1 hour game takes less than 1mbit download and very little upload. (source)

I can’t move my camera view around, why?

You’ve likely entered into the “Free Cam” mode. This is achieved by hitting space on the keyboard. Simply tap space again to exit freecam mode, this will likely fix your issue.

I’m having issues with my account, game key, etc. Where can I get help?

When it comes to a player’s account, only Uber Support can help there.

Is there a demo for Planetary Annihilation?

No. There is no Planetary Annihilation demo available at this time.

The game is running slow, why?

PA is still undergoing lots of optimizations – each update improves the stability and performance of the game. Don’t forget, PA is in Beta – there’s lots of work to be done. Here’s some techniques for improving your framerate.

What are Planetary Annihilation’s System Requirements?

The system requirements are subject to change.

  • Dual core processor
  • Shader 3.0
  • A decent OpenGL driver
  • 64-bit operation system
  • An internet connection (during Beta)

Windows OS Support

  • Windows 7 or 8/8.1 64-bit
  • Windows 7 or 8/8.1 32-bit
  • Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows Vista 32-bit

Windows XP will not be supported.

Mac OS X Support

Mac OS X Mavericks has been released for free, so it is highly recommended that Mac users update.

  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Linux OS Support

  • Ubuntu 12.04 (and derivatives)
  • Ubuntu 13.04 (and derivatives)
  • Mint 14
  • Mint 15

What Commanders are Available and How Do I Get Them?

There are a number of Commanders available in Planetary Annihilation. Some of them are exclusive to backers, others are available to all, and others are purchasable. Check out this list.

What Languages does Planetary Annihilation Support?

Thanks to members of the community, Planetary Annihilation supports 18 languages. More info about language support. To contribute to the localization, head on over to this forum thread.

When will Feature X be available?

Soon. Uber usually doesn’t give release dates. Development is a complicated process and completion times for features are very difficult to guestemate. Rather than get the community’s hopes up only to have them dashed due to a particularly tricky bug or because of a feature re-alignment, Uber prefers to surprise us.

When will I get my digital/physical goods?

“Soon.” The soundtrack is already available and can be obtained on the My Account page of the Uber store. The rest of the goods will be released at an unannounced date.

Where are the keyboard shortcuts saved?

C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Uber Entertainment\Planetary Annihilation\ocalstore\Local Storage

~/.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/localstore/Local Storage/

/Users/ YOUR_USERNAME /Library/Application Support/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/Local Storage/

Where Can I Download Planetary Annihilation?

You can download a copy of Planetary Annihilation from the Uber Entertainment website and logging in with your Uberent account.

Where to I report bugs?

On the Support Forum or the Bug Tracker.

Why Can’t I build Advanced Units or Certain Buildings in Galactic War?

In Planetary Annihilation’s Galactic War, certain units and buildings are not buildable until you uncover the corresponding tech. For example, players cannot build Advanced Vehicles until they discover the “Advanced Vehicles” or the “Complete Vehicles” tech. Techs are found by exploring the Galaxy and defeating enemy Commanders.

Will Commanders have different abilities?

Kind of. There will be a set of abilities that commanders will have. However, Commaners are going to be purely cosmetic. Aside from these differences, all players will have access to the different types of Commanders. (Source)

Will feature X be in the game?

Quite possibly. There is much to be added to Planetary Annihilation. Check out the Confirmed Features List 2.0 thread.

Will Planetary Annihilation be DRM Free?

Yes and no. Planetary Annihilation will be completely DRM free, but players will need to login to their Uberent account to play online. (Source)

Will Planetary Annihilation Receive Updates after Release?

Yes. Uber Entertainment has stated that they plan on constantly updating and improving PA. These updates will include big features, not just small tweaks. Think Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Source.

Will Planetary Annihilation Support Windows XP?

No. Windows XP came out 12 years ago and Windows Vista came out 7 years ago. Windows XP is simply too old to be supported. (Source)

Will there be a multiplayer Galactic War?

Yes, there will be a multiplayer Galactic War. However, we do not yet know exactly how the multiplayer Galactic War will operate, other than it won’t be exactly the same as the Galactic War against the AI.

Will there be a research tech tree of upgrades?

No. There will not be a tech tree of different upgrades that can be researched or unlocked, like in Supreme Commander 2. (Source)

Will there be deep space combat?

When it comes to Star Wars/Star Trek style space combat, no. Not at launch. This may be added down the line. (source) (source)

Will there be different AI personalities? (defensive, agressive, etc)

Yes. The AI currently has different personalities, and they are being improved and expanded.

Will there be flat maps?

Uber hasn’t said anything about adding flat maps, although flat maps is possible within the engine. (source) My personal speculation is that there will not be flat maps at the initial release, but it will be added down the line through mods and/or official release.

Will there be in game voice communication?

It doesn’t look that way. However, the IRC Chat is also a great way to meet up with other Planetary Annihilation players.

Will there be multiple factions/races?

No. Uber is going with only one faction for two main reasons. The first is to keep costs down. The second is to ensure the best balance posible. (Source)

Will there be multiple monitor support?

Yes. (Source)

Will there be saved games?

Yes. But not only will there be saved games, there will be downloadable and sharable game files. Want to replay that multiplayer match you lost? Fire it up, rewind to where you made a mistake, and keep on playing. Want to replay someone else’s a tournament match? Download, rewind, fire up. (source)

Will there be shields?

No. Shields may be added later, but if they are, they likely won’t be traditional bubble shields. (source)

Will there be stealth/cloaking?

Maybe, but probably not at launch. (source)

Will there be support commanders or upgradeable commanders?

Will there be Tech 3 units or Supreme Commander style Experimentals?

No. Uber wants to have all units valid at all stages of the game and will not be adding a new tech tier. A higher tech tier would invalidate the lower tech tiers.

Will units have veterancy?

No. Units will not have veterancy. Uber is sticking with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get principle. (Source)