Uber Entertainment created in a Sandbox mode that allows players to cheat and do things that can’t be done in normal Planetary Annihilation gameplay. However, we don’t have access to Uber’s true Sandbox mode for cheating. Upon 1.0 release we will have access to the true Sandbox mode. In the meantime, Uber has granted us access to some of its capabilities through a server mod.

The Planetary Annihilation cheats mod allows players to fudge the numbers and do things like take control of the enemy team, copy and paste in units, delete units, spawn an Avatar Commander, and more.

Using these cheats can be very helpful for testing out unit capabilities and new builds.

Using the Cheats

There are a variety of Keyboard Shortcuts that allow you to use Planetary Annihilation’s cheats.

Copy Unit: ctrl+c
Paste Unit: ctrl+v
Set Army From Hover: ctrl+b
Toggle FOW: ctrl+j
Build Avatar: alt+f1
Build Avatar Factory: alt+f2
Publish Server Mods: ctrl+alt+p

Cheats can only be enabled if the lobby host has the Cheats mod installed. Players cannot join an existing lobby with the cheats mod installed and use them.

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Downloading the Cheats Mod

The Planetary Annihilation cheat’s mod was built by Uber Entertainment. The easiest way to instal this mod is with the Planetary Annihilation Mod Manager.