Hotbuild2 is a very useful Planetary Annihilation mod for power users. This mod sets up keyboard shortcuts for constructing buildings, which is very helpful for increasing a player’s APM (Actions Per Minute). Hotbuild2 also adds in various handy shortcuts for filtering through the in game UI, and more.

Planetary Annihilation Mod: Hotbuild2

Mod Features

Hotbuild Keys : So the ability to press a key in rapid succession to cycle through build actions
Extra Functions :
View Notification : when a Notification is triggered (like building completed or destroyed) press this button to go to the location
Toggle Energy usage : on / off with a key
Toggle Pole Lock : on / off with a key
Requeue with a key :
queue up something in a factory and then press the requeue key
for example : queue 2 fabrication bots then 1 dox , press requeue key , now it will repeat that queue 50 times (see settings to change the default 50 multiplier) / you can stop this by pressing the stop key

Case Insensitive Standard Commands
Like (select commander / attack / move ) are also available because the standard keybinds are case sensitive : (warning) will only work with letters for obvious reasons

Hotbuild Preview : see what the next buildactions will be when you press the hotbuild key again (select and drag to move the preview UI)

Hotbuild Preview: Toggle hotbuild preview on or off
Hotbuild Reset Time : The timer before hotkey queue resets to the beginning of the queue > higher is you have more time between keypresses default = 2000 .
Hotbuild Requeue Amount : if you press the requeue button it will multiply the current queue with this amount.

Define your own case insensitive keybinds in the Keyboard Settings.

Planetary Annihilation Mod Hotbuild2