Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Mods

Anchor Buttons

Adds a UI to the anchor points system.

Auto Factory

Automatically turns on factories when floating economy.

Awesome Projectiles

The Awesome Effects Mod Changes the effects of some unit projectiles to give the game more color and and variety.

Boom Bot Only

Boom Bots only gameplay mode.

Build Power

This shows the combined build power of the selected units.

Chat Player Colors

When a player sends a message in the in game chat, the player’s name shows up as their player or team color.


The cheats mod allows players to fudge the numbers and do things like take control of the enemy team, copy and paste in units, delete units, spawn an Avatar Commander, and more.

Chrono Click

Allows players to click on the ChronoCam progress bar to jump to that time rather than dragging the slider.

Comm Yard

This unique game mode turns the Commander into a Factory.

Commander Health Display

This mod adds a moveable health bar to the top of the in game screen so players always know the status of their Commander.

Commander HUD

Shows the health of the Commander.

Community UberBalance Mod

The Community UberBalance Mod for Planetary Annihilation is, obviously, a balance mod. This balance mod strives to stick as close to vanilla balance as possible, while fixing some of the problem areas with vanilla balance. Particularly, some units, like the Vanguard, Sheller, and Dox and structures like the Nuclear Missile Launcher have been tweaked. Check […]

Custom Planet Type: Cliffs

The Cliffs Biome Mod introduces some amazing looking terrain features to Planetary Annihilation. Mainly, cliffs and ancient temples. Gameplay of the Cliffs Biome Mod

Custom Skybox

Changes the system backdrop and allows players to customize it.

Customizable In-Game Timers

Has up to three customizable in-game timers.

DoxWars: The Mech Marine Strikes Back

This Planetary Annihilation game mode is pretty simple, Dox only!

Economic Efficiency UI

Changes the economy bar to provide more information.

Fireflies Only Game Mode

A special Planetary Annihilation game mode, Fireflies only!

Floating Framework

This mod allows players to click and drag to rearrange all the UI elements on the screen.

Galactic War Loadouts

This mod adds four new loadouts to galactic war.

Gross Economy

Changes the economy bar to provide more insight.

Hide for Streaming

Allows caster to hide the UI.


A dynamic and customizeable keyboard shortcut system.

Instant Sandbox

This mod allows players to setup a sandbox for testing out units, gameplay, and the like with just one click.

KO Deferred or: lightspeed UI ahead

KO Deferred is a unique mod that fixes the UI lag issues.

Live Economy Graphs Mod

Displays a live graph of your economy in game.

Missile Command

This mod makes managing your Nuclear Missile Launchers easier.


Shift clicking on a factory build queue adds 100 units instead of 5.

PA Stats

PA Stats that tracks all of the stats of your matches and provides helpful graphs to study as well as ladder ranking and matchmaking.

Reminder Timer

Adds customizeable timers to remind about tasks.

Sandbox Unit Toolbox

The Sandbox Unit Toolbox mod is a very simple mod that makes it easier to copy and paste units.

Show Cheat Servers

This mod simply shows servers with cheats enabled.

Statera Balance Mod

This Planetary Annihilation balance mod focuses on diversifying units, adding more units, and making Advanced units specialized rather than an upgrade.

Static Menu

This is a simple Planetary Annihilation mod that simplifies and speeds up the main menu.

Storage Wars

Gives players 50,000 metal, and no metal extractors.

Supreme Commander FAF Icons

Changes the strategic icons to the Supreme Commander FAF Icons.

Team Uber Cannon Color

This mod changes the color of the Commander’s Uber Cannon to match your team’s primary and secondary colors.

The Realm Community Balance Mod

The Realm Balance Mod drastically changes game balance to include more unit specialization.

Transparent Strategic Icons

Changes the Strategic Icons to be more discernible.

Two Color Icons

Makes the strategic icons easier to tell apart.

Unit Info

This is a simple Planetary Annihilation mod that allows players to easily view unit and building stats from within the game.

Planetary Annihilation is built from the ground up to accommodate and encourage "modding." Mods are ways for users to make changes and additions to an existing game. Some mods are small, but some mods can add lots of functionality to the game.