Metabolical broadcasted multiple internal playtests exploring and testing some of the balance changes coming to Planetary Annihilation. Many of these changes are already published on the PTE build, and the others will likely be published soon.
First time with the PTE changes? Check out this overview of most of the PTE changes

  • Buildings like factories and energy plants have a lot more health than they used to. They can withstand quite the punishment now…
  • The new Uber Cannon firing Vanguards are hella good at taking out blobs of units. One Vanguard took out almost an entire army. Once again, Vanguards seem to be the strongest units in the game.
  • The new tactical missile firing Hornets tend to overkill buildings and units by quite a bit, negating much of their effectiveness.
  • Sim speed got pretty terrible as the game drug on.
  • Side note from the forums, AI multi-planet logic and teleporter usage is coming soon!

And then Metabolical had another internal Planetary Annihilation playtest.

Planetary Annihilation dynamic alliances

  • The second playtest showcased Planetary Annihilation’s “Dynamic Alliances.” Dynamic Alliances allow players to create and break alliances in the middle of a match.
  • The AI doesn’t really understand the concept of not pissing off all your enemies at once. Kinda amusing.
  • Units continue to get stuck inbetween factories. 🙁
  • Slammers deal a lot of damage, but cannot take hardly any damage.
  • Planetary Annihilation Pausing
    We can pause the game!

Third match!

  • Scathis ran into the issue of not being able to select his commander. Seems to be turning into a common issue.
  • Crappy spawns as Metabolical and bradnicholson spawned RIGHT next to each other. I mean, their spawn circles were almost touching.
  • Toonnnsssss of lag. Meta wasn’t complaining, so I’m guessing it was a stream issue.
  • And Metabolical and bradnicholson died in the same comm explosions.

So… fourth match! We’re just getting our fill of Uber playing Planetary Annihilation, aren’t we?

  • New sound for pelter projectiles flying by. It sounds pretty cool. All of the new sounds make the battlefield seem all the more immersive and awesome.
  • Grenadiers are still extremely good at hitting moving units, even the very fast moving bomb bots.
  • Brad likes his bomb bots…
  • Bomb bots seem to be almost uselss against units. Bomb bots have to waaaay outnumber enemy units in order to cause any damage. That’s one of the things I love about bomb bots from The Realm Balance Mod. Bomb bots blow up and cause damage when destroyed.