• In this first Planetary Annihilation internal playtest, Meta just plays. He doesn’t talk and doesn’t provide any additional insight about anything. This playtest is with the massive boost to T2 eco experimental build.
  • A group of the new grenadiers had a really really hard time hitting two infernos. If they had been Ants, I bet all of the Doxen would have been dead.
  • The Doxen did do a pretty good job of taking out a laser defense tower. But then later they couldn’t take out a single Ant ant the Ant when microed slaughtered the Doxen. Personally, I strongly dislike those mechanics because it means whoever clicks faster wins the engagement.
  • The Doxes are really good against towers, even when towers are behind walls. They just stink against moving units.
  • Brad kept on attacking from the exact same spot and the Commander was able to easily slaughter the incoming attacks. If Brad had just attacked from different directions Brad would have won very easily.
  • But instead… Brad tried to use his Commander to box with Vanguards – and it didn’t end well.

  • This playtest takes place on Uber’s Sandbox where they can build anything they want and generate anything they want to test things. I cannot wait until we can play with this!!!
  • Unfortunately the playtest was pretty darn laggy. Seems to be a Twitch.tv issue, not a Planetary Annihilation issue.
  • It seems like the Uber Cannon has a major nerf. It takes two shots with the Uber Cannon to kill units. It still has a massive AOE though. That’ll make for some extremely interesting changes to T1 combat.
  • Yeah. The Uber Cannon definitely does less damage. I wonder how that’ll effect Comm Boxing… Direct hits still do a lot of damage, but the AOE damage is a lot less.
  • But then the Commander could one shot Levelers with the Uber Cannon, but couldn’t do anything at all against the other Levelers. So now the Commander is pretty much useless against T2 units, let alone Vanguards.
  • When you tell the Commander to Alt-fire, it stops moving and you have to issue a new move Command. That’s a bummer and should be fixed.
  • Meta then did some demonstrations/tests with other units. Pairing up different types and numbers of units against lone defensive structures.
  • Combat fabbers don’t work to well at keeping Ants alive. They don’t have enough health. They die in 2 or 3 shots from a laser defense tower, even when being repaired by a combat fabber.
  • One of the downsides of the grenadier, is they overkill their target because it blows up before all of the shots land.

Now Uber did another Planetary Annihilation playtest with players from the community.

I joined in on this test after it started, so I’ll return and add more info as needed.

New Launcher Released! Go try out the experimental builds!

  • We should have a new build soon! Possibly even today.
  • Grep faces off against burntcustard and Grep destroys burntcustard’s freshly built Advanced Vehicle Factory, which is a HUGE win since it’s such a large metal investment.
  • They’re gonna make changes soon so nukes can go anywhere in the system.
  • Also, nukes will destroy orbital units that are over the orbital space.
  • Then there was a multi planet spawn match between TheWrongCat and Burntcustard vs Posidian & Cola_Colin