I’ve talked about it and hinted at it, but as we get close to 1.0 (and I continue to hope that we get server access at 1.0), I figure it’s time to start sharing more info and gauging interest.

In short, I’m going to be offering Planetary Annihilation server rentals as soon as we have those capabilities.

The exact details, specs, and pricing is yet to be announced since I don’t even know what the server requirements will be.

However, my plan is to have a variety of server options. If you only want the bare bones so you can play small games with your friends or clans, then lower end servers will be made available at a low cost. However, if you want massive 40 player FFAs on a large system with a dedicated server, then bring it on! I’ll have that available as well. Like I said, exact details TBA.

Key Features

  • Dedicated or shared server slots
  • Completely managed servers
  • Moddable servers
  • Server locations across the world
  • Rent powerful servers for a day for your big event or tournament
  • Automatic listing on the PA Matches server directory
  • And more!

Get 50% off First Month!

I’m offering 50% off the first month server rental, but this offer will only be made available to people who express an interest early on. It’s highly likely that I won’t ever offer such a discount again.

Check out the Server Rentals page for more info and the signup form to get the 50% off discount.