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Overview of the Features in Gamma

  • Planetary Annihilation’s user interface is being “reimagined” and “refocused” to make it simpler
  • New server browsing options
  • New filters for finding Planetary Annihilation matches
  • Redesigned “new game” interface
  • Dynamic news items in the main menu
  • A “Video Hub” is being added to the main menu to display content from Uber and the community
  • The orchestral soundtrack is being added
  • New social functionality like friends lists and instant messaging
  • Expanding functionality by adding “visual cues, controls for audio settings, and the ability for streamers to run commercials”
  • Leaderboards!
  • After match stats
  • Spectator mode with its own chat and real-time display of players’ economies
  • “The Armory” – players can see all of the Commanders they own as well as “special badges” players have earned.
  • Redesigned in game interface to allow for easier multi-planet management

Uber is also hinting that this isn’t all of the features that’ll be added, so stay tuned!

The “Gamma” update will be coming out on Thursday, February 27th.