Uber stated that there will be a big update coming next week.

“We have a bigger feature build we’re working hard on. Our plan is next week, before the US Thanksgiving holiday! What’s better than too much food and large scale robot war?” -garat (source)

This post lead to a lot of conjecture, I confess, spurred by me. Lots of guesses were being thrown around, and Uber came in and has set the record straight and has provided a lot of insight .

Metal Placement and Start Spot Placement
An improvement to metal “should” be in the next update. This will be a game changer and really improve the quality of matches. Much less “let’s restart, I have no metal at the spawn” and more competitive play.

Graphics and optimizations are constantly in the works. Such optimizations are in every update as of late, so there will probably be more of that in the Thanksgiving update. There’s also many optimizations to the graphics which will, obviously, make the game run much smoother, particularly on less powerful computers.

Internal Improvements
Lots of “internal improvements.” More than we know. Specifically, there’s lots of optimization improvements, server improvements, working on modding, new launcher, and more. Critical stuff to Planetary Annihilation, just not as exciting as something like the Unit Cannon.

Uber is working on the Alliance game type. Which will be more of a traditional team game type for real time strategy games. Separate economy and units, but shared vision and your units don’t shoot at your teammate. However, this post talks about how team mates will be able to transfer units and resources – which is really cool.

New Units
We know Uber has plans to add over 100 units to Planetary Annihilation – which is awesome. Unfortunately, we haven’t had new units added in a while nor do we know what they will be. We have some guesses as to what will be in the game due to the game files, but we have no real clue what will be in there. Naturally, Uber is working on adding lots of units to Planetary Annihilation – and Uber is playing those cards very close to the chest – and rightly so. The community would blowup if we got a whif of what was being added.

User Interface
We know there will be many improvements to the user interface, and these are being worked on a lot. Most notably are an extensive notification system (which is being worked on), better lobbies with passwords ant the like (also being worked on), as well as things like multiple windows (which we know nothing about yet). These updates will be very helpful for Planetary Annihilation gameplay, and I am very excited about.

Orchestral Score
Lots of work being done to the music. They have the orchestra recordings, and that’s being worked on. I’m not musician, but I do know that good music recordings have lots of work after the music was actually played. No ETA for this.

Server Scripting
Looks like they have re-built some existing features with the lobby and server, which will be better. Somehow. I dunno, they’re vague on some of it. Either way, it’s good.

Area Commands and Tasks
This is one of the features I’m most excited about. During the Kickstarter campaign (or maybe it was shortly after? can’t remember), Uber talked about area command and I was jumping out of my seat and yelling excitedly like a little girl when I heard about them. It was one of the things that I was the most excited about during the early days. Units intelligently attacking groups of enemies? Awesome! In the future, units won’t behave like in other RTS games and waste shots. All experienced RTS players know what I’m talking about. When you have a bunch of units, particularly ranged and air units, and you tell them to attack a series of targets. All 100 bombers drop their bombs on one unit that could have been destroyed with 10. It’s a waste. Well, in Planetary Annihilation, units will intelligently determine that unit only needs 10 bombs to kill. So they’ll spread out their fire over the group of units or base and will be much more effective with their destructive power. I am very excited about it. Uber says it’s a few more weeks out at least. Either way, that’s soon, and I’m excited.

History System and Bugs
I’m assuming they’re talking about the ChronoCam with this. The ChronoCam is very buggy, and they’re making it less buggy. Which is also good. It’s also somehow technically tied into teleporters and the Unit Cannon. Really excited to get those features in the game, as interplanetary stuff is very under developed.

They’re working on re-doing some of the camera stuff to allow for a better celestial view. They’re also working on orbital pathing.

They’re working hard on pathfinding so units don’t get stuck as well as working towards formations. Hopefully there will be some pathfinding updates in the next patch.

New Launcher
They’re re-doing the game launcher so it’s better. Which is cool.

Twitch.tv Integration
They haven’t said much about this, but I assume it means we’ll be able to broadcast to Twitch at the push of a button. Which is AWESOME. It means a lot more people will be able to cast as running additional screen recording and broadcasting software is resource intensive and creates lag on most machines. This will likely be more efficient and all around better and easier. Which is awesome. This feature came out of nowhere and I’m really excited about it.


Keep in mind that none of this is guaranteed to be in the next update. But, it does provide a good overview on the status of Planetary Annihilation and info on what is to come.

Uber Entertainment is doing an AWESOME job with Planetary Annihilation so far. They’re going to change the RTS genre. Lots of updates are in the works and some big additions to the game will be in the next few weeks.

Keep up the great work Uber!