You guys are incredible! Planetary Annihilation is growing rapidly, and along with it, PA Matches is growing very quickly. These past few weeks have had a very large increase in traffic to PA Matches.

Since it’s launch on July 12th, 2013, PA Matches has had over 32,000 unique individuals visit the PA Matches website.

Not only has the traffic grown greatly, but so has the content. With new features added regularly, and many more planned, PA Matches is growing spectacularly.

At the time of this posting, PA Matches is home to 348 Planetary Annihilation gameplay videos, footage of 662 different players, 155 wiki entries (making it the largest and most accurate Planetary Annihilation wiki available). When PA Matches was origianly launched, I didn’t think it would grow this large this fast.

If I may be so bold, PA Matches has been a huge help to the Planetary Annihilation community – and I’m only just getting started.

I need Your Help

With how much this site is growing, I am actually about to max out my hosting plan. With that, my costs of running this are about to go up.

I could really use your help to keep PA Matches running and enable me to continue to add new content and new features to this site.

If you could send a few bucks my way, I would be most appreciative. I’ll be able to keep PA Matches up and running and continue to make it better.

But that’s not all! For donating, you’ll get something in return!

Rewards for Donating:

$5 – Play a match against you and then critique your gameplay
$10 – Coach for 1hr or Cast a match
Donators will also get priority access to the Teamspeak servers if I get them up and going
If you donate more, then we can come up with something additional. More time casting or coaching or something.

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