More info on the re-balancing

The new Planetary Annihilation update is “expected to drop soon.” So hopefully by the end of the week or early next week.

  • Combat Units will be seeing a rebalancing. The units, especially advanced units, will have less of a build time to increase the focus of armies
  • Artillery will be re-balanced so they’re less powerful against units.
  • Bots and Vehicles will see a major re-balance so combat will change drastically in Planetary Annihilation.
  • Added Units:
    • Combat Medic Bot – builds mines and repairs
    • Orbital Fabrication Bot – cost was lowered down to 800 metal
  • Teleporters will be great for improving orbital and combat on large planets. Teleporters will cost 1,500 metal and will be a basic structure. See the Teleporter in action
  • Orbital will now be a basic structure allowing orbital interaction to shift to sooner in the game. Orbital Launchers can now only build Orbital Fabricators, an Astraeus, and basic Radar Satellite.
  • Expanded area commands – including the Patrol Area Command
  • Lots of fixes
  • Naval Factories now only can build fabrication ships, Sun Fish, Narwhals, and Bluebottles
  • New Submarine factory
  • Naval ships seem to be much slower
  • Area commands now work on water
  • Deepsace Orbital Radar will use less energy
  • Orbital launch animation is smoother