The purpose of this Planetary Annihilation playtest is to check and see if the build is stable enough for a release.

  • Lots of updates to the graphics engine – that probably means performance improvements
  • The build is using the GPU more – which means even better performance!
  • Mini Map working
    Planetary Annihilation Mini Map
  • A bunch of bug fixes
  • Metal spots are scarce. Not sure if that’s a re-balancing, or just a poor spawn.
  • Looks like we’ll be seeing a few patches in quick succession since there was a possibility of a patch being pushed later in the evening of the cast. So hopefully we’ll get a new patch soon with the mini map!
  • Balance changes
    • Tweaks to the gunships, particularly accuracy
  • The area patrol for fabrication aircraft looks really nice. They fly around from building to building to help finish building whatever it is. However, they don’t instantly latch onto a single building and never move on.
  • The developers have been running into the Commander+transport rushes. We’ll see what they do to address this tactic.
  • Transports must be built in the Advanced Air Factory. Uber still isn’t convinced that there is an issue with Commander+Transport rushes, but they just wanted to shut us up.